#2 Shah Alam yusafzai 2018-03-15 15:10
vide S.No VII (Civil Works) Category II and III officers should also be empowered, please.
#1 Safdar Ali Shah 2018-03-08 04:15
1. The Environment department has been renamed as "Forestry, Environment & Wildlife Department.
2. The Conservator (BPS-19) and Divisional Forest Officer (BPS-18) has been declared as officer in Category II. In fact the Conservator is the supervisory staff therefore placing them both in Category II will create problem in discipline, management and monitoring and evaluation.
3. The Conservator (BPS-19) and Divisional Forest Officer (BPS-18) in the Forest and Wildlife Department are of the same level therefore they should be equally treated in delegation of powers.
4. Under special powers to the department the words Wild animals may be added to the word livestock as both are different in nature and availability.
5. The Divisional Forest Officer and Divisional Forest Officer Wildlife should be kept in the same category being equal in all respect and that in the prevailing version of the Delegation of Powers.

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