Posting /Transfer Policy of the Provincial Government

NO.SOR-II (E&AD) 1-1/85(VOL-II )
   Dated Peshawar the 15th February 2003.


                         I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to say that in supersession of all policy instructions issued in this behalf, the competent authority has approved the following posting Transfer Policy.

            i.            All the postings /transfers shall be strictly in public interest and shall not be abused misused to victimize the Government servants.

            ii.            All Government servants are prohibited to exert political, Administrative or any other pressures upon the posting /transfer authorities for seeking posting /transfers of their choice and against the public interest.

.           iii.            All contract Government employees, appointed against specific posts, cannot be posted against anyother post.

iv.                    The normal tenure of posting shall be three years subject to the condition that for the officers  /officials posted in unattractive areas, the tenure shall be two years and for hard areas the tenure shall be one year. The unattractive and hard areas will be notified by the Government.

v.                  Months of March and July are fixed for posting /transfer of the officers /officials excluding the officers in B-19 and above in the Province. Posting /transfer in Education and Health Departments shall be made in March while the remaining Departments shall make posting /transfers in July. There shall be a ban on posting/transfers throughout the year excluding the aforesaid two months. However, there shall be no restriction in cases where posting /transfer of Government employees become inevitable in other months due to promotion /retirement /creation of new posts/return from long leave/involvement in disciplinary proceedings and adjustment of surplus staff for which specific relaxation shall be obtained from the Chief Minister.

vi.                 While making postings transfers from settled areas to FATA and vice versa specific approval of the Governor, NWFP needs to be obtained.

vii.               Officers may be posted on executive /administrative posts in the Districts of their domicile except District Coordination Officers (D.C.Os) and Superintend of Police (SP). Similarly Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) shall not be posted at a place where the Police Station (Thana) of his area /resident is situated.

viii.              No postings /transfers of the officers/officials on detailment basis shall be made.

ix.                 Regarding the posting of husband /wife, both in Provincial services, efforts where possible would be made to post such persons at one station and this will be subject to the public interest.

x.                  All the posting /transferring authorities may facilitate the postings /transfers of the unmarried female Government Servants at the station of the residence of their parents.

xi.                 Officers /officials except DCOs and SPs who are due to retire within one year may be posted on their option, on posts in the Districts of their domicile and be allowed to serve their till the retirement.

xii.               In terms of Rules-17 (1) and (2) read Schedule-III of the Government of NWFP Rules of Business 1985, transfer of officers shown in column 1 of the following table shall be made by the authorities shown against.






                       Outside the Secretariat
i.          Officers of the all Pakistan Unified Group      i.e DMG , PSP including Provincial Police
                Officers   in BPS-18 and above.

ii.                   Other officers in BPS-17 and above to be posted against schedule posts, or posts normally held be the APUG, PCS (EG) and PCS (SG).

iii.                  Head of Attached Departments and other Officers in B-19 & above in all Departments.
In the Secretariat:

iv.                 Secretaries .

v.                   Other Officers of and above the rank of Section Officers:-
a.   Within the Same Department.
b.   Within the Secretariat from one Department to another.

       vi.       Officials upto the rank of Superintendent:-
                  a.   Within the same Department.
                  b.   To and from an Attached Department.

                  c.   Within the Secretariat from on  
                        Department   to another.



Chief Secretary in consultation with the Establishment Department and the Department concerned with the approval of the Chief Minister.





Chief Secretary with the approval of Chief Minister.

Secretary of the Department concerned .
Chief Secretary /Secretary Establishment.

Secretary of the Department concerned.
Secretary of the Department in consultation with Head of Attached Department concerned. Secretary (Establishment)




xiii.              While considering postings /transfers proposals all the concerned authorities shall keep in mind the following:
a.            To ensure the posting of proper persons on proper posts,
. the annua1 confidential  reports, past and  present record of service, performance on post he1d presently and in tile past and general reputation  with focus on the integrity of the concerned officers/officials be considered.


b.            Tenure on present post sha1l also be taken into consideration and the posting transfers shall be in the best  public interest.


ix)        Governments servants including District Govt. employees feeling aggrieved due to the orders of ,posting/transfers authorities may seek remedy from the next higher authority/the appointing authority) as the case may be through an appeal to be submitted within seven days of the receipt of such orders. Such appeal shall ,be disposed of within fifteen days. The option of appeal against posting /transfer orders could be exercised only in the following cases:-


i)             pre-mature posting/transfer or posting/transfer in violation of the provisions of this policy.


ii)             Serious and grave personal (humanitarian) grounds.


To streamline the  postings /transfers in the District Government and  to remove any irritant/confusions in this regard the provision  of Rule  25 of the North- West Frontier Province  District Government Rules of Business 2001 read with schedule -IV thereof is referred. As per schedule -IV the posting/transferring authorities for the officers /officials against each are as under :-






Posting of District Coordination Officer and Executive Distinct Officer in a District.

Provincial Government


Posting of District Police Officer.

Provincial Government.


Other Officer in BPS-17 and above posted in the District.

Provincial Government .


Official in BPS-16 and below.

Executive District Officer in consultation with Distinct Coordination Officer.


As per Rule 25(2) of the Rules above the District Coordination Department shall consult the Government if it  is proposed to :


a.                  transfer the holder of a tenure post before the completion of his tenure or extend the period of his tenure; and


b.                  require an officer to hold charge of more than one post for a period exceeding two months.

4.                     I am directed further to request that that above noted policy may be strictly observed implemented.